Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Spring in Beechmont

Oil on canvas 90 x 90 cm
Spring in Beechmont , Lamington Range National Park in Queensland


iStyle Magazine said...

nice artworks!

Sheila said...

You may call yourself a "simple guy" but your work is complex, intense, diverse and the style unique. I especially love your animal works [Hope and Call of Love] but your portrait of the Chinese actor is exceptional too!

meaningful life said...

Hello Sheila
sorry for the late respond , I love your comments, most of the comments that i get do point out the different technique i use to paint. maybe it is complexed as youpointed out ,but as long as we are able to express our feelings of the subjects. I like to thank you again

Nancy Medina said...

Hi Ben, thank you for stopping by my bloggy. Your works are powerful! So great to connect with you from across the pond!
Nancy and the pugs in Dallas

meaningful life said...

Hi Nancy
Sorry for my late respond. love your comments !
take care