Thursday, 8 October 2009

Call of love

Oilpainting on canvas 92 x 122 cm
This is a story in a song about a wolf and a sheep, love between them seems absurd but it happened. Love is love and its so simple. I got this inspiration from the Chinese song “a wolf fell in love with a sheep”.Wolf and sheep represent opposite personalities of humanity. As you can read about the story as you listen to the song which i attached to my blog. Hope you like it .
A fierce northerly wind was howling
Snow flakes were falling
Suddenly a gunshot boomed in the distance
This wolf had been severely wounded
But his luck saved him from death
A sheep had saved him
From then on, they made a commitment to each other that would span their past,
present and future lives
They exchanged each other's vows
The wolf said: "my love ,
Thank you so much for healing my wound ,
No matter how intense the stormy trials of our future will be,
I will be your shield"
The sheep replied that it went without saying
Because I fell in love with you
No matter how dangerous it will be beside you
I will be by your side
Like this, side by side, they happily wandered about
Like this, they sang together of their love
A wolf fell in love with a sheep and they were crazy for each other
Because each truly loved the other
It’s not absurd for a wolf to fall in love with a sheep
They said as long as they loved each other they knew where to go .

It’s wonderful for a wolf and a sheep to love each other .Because they broke through the walls of a stereotype .Together they traveled, arm in arm.


James Parker said...

Benjamin, I stopped in to welcome you to my blog, and thank you. I have been browsing your past blogs, and I am fascinated by your style. It creates "instant" moods and evokes deep feelings...of nostalgia, reflection. I have joined your blog and will look forward to future works. Please drop by any time and click on "Enjoy the Ride". I think you may find it inspiring and a video that mirrors your philosophy of life. Cya down the road...James

meaningful life said...

Hello James
first I like to appologise for my late respond to your comment of my blog. I have enjoyed looking at your work and I truely enjoyed the way you are dedicated with free and wonderful inspiration to life. I basically believe that life even in the most simplistic form can be wonderful challenging and inspirational.I love to travel, nature,culture and all these things give me an insight to the world that we all living in.My work is inspired from life itself.
I may not be as productive as some of my fellow artists but I love to paint. I like to hear from you and be in touch. I like to thank you again and regards from downunder.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I really like this story. Love is love.